Finding the right hotel and lodging for RSES2019 is a simple process that should be completed ahead of time to avoid any lodging issues or stress. This year’s show will be hosted in Indianapolis, Indiana and there are multiple hotels, motels, and travel lodges to choose from. Hotel bookings are the most common form of lodging for trade shows, and there are an array of impressive hotel venues within walking or driving distance of the show. For a successful and fun trip, a little planning is required so you can maximize your time with industry colleagues and team members.

Book Accommodations Ahead of Time

We’ve all been there before, right? You decide to wing it and book a hotel room on the last week or day before a show or event, thinking there won’t be any issues. While this may work sometimes, this strategy usually ends up costing you more money, and in some cases, no place to sleep. RSES2019 show coordinators and staff are recommending everyone book their accommodations well ahead of time of the show to avoid any lodging issues. As stated before, there are multiple hotels within walking distance of the main event, and some of them have convention rates and blocks reserved specially for our trade show guests. Avoid any drama and unneeded stress by booking your room as early as you can, so you can have time to enjoy speakers, friends, and colleagues at the show.

Plan Your Route to the Show

Although this step is becoming less important as cell phone technology improves, it is important to plan your route to the show, especially if you are not within walking distance. If you are staying in the area surrounding the city, make sure to plan your car routes, leaving extra time for routine traffic or construction delays. It is also important to have your parking situation figured out before you leave your hotel. What parking garage will you leave your car for the day and what is the rate? How far is the garage from the show and do I know the route by foot?

If you are walking to the show and don’t have time to scope out the area the day before, make sure to plan your route ahead of time to avoid any issues the day of. Make sure to find the entrance you need, whether that is for guests or for show exhibitors. Planning you route can make all the difference between being at an event early and walking into a speaking engagement after it has already begun.