The RSES 2019 Conference and Expo was held in Indianapolis, Indiana alongside the RSES Board & Auxiliary International Business Meetings. The conference went from October 2 – 4 and during that stretch the new Auxiliary Board of Directors were sworn into office: Steve Wright, Raymond Clary, & Arthur Miller.

The 2019 RSES conference was set in three different locations around Indianapolis. All locations were easy to walk to and featured their own product specialties. All Auxiliary Events took place at the Hyatt Indianapolis. All educational classes took place at the Holiday Inn, and the Expo Sessions at the Indianapolis Convention Center.

The RSES Conference was started in 1933, and has been an industry leader since, providing training and membership to refrigeration and HVAC techs across this great country. Back when refrigerators were just starting to make their way into the homes of everyday citizens, the only training available was hard to find, expensive, and typically lasted less than one month. All those who were trained back then were known as experts because there weren’t many refrigeration information hubs in that time. With the increase in demand for refrigeration, distributors and factory service departments grew, and independent operators were needed to keep industry growth steady. Through these efforts, as well as organizing efforts by industry leaders, the RSES was started.

Although the RSES 2019 Show wasn’t as large as previous shows, our industry is still thriving, and ready for new market innovations and technology enhancements. Every tech in attendance has a better understanding of his or her position in the industry, as well as the new machinery that will be debuting in the coming years. Superior educational training and dedication is what sets our members apart from everyday technicians, and we are proud of our group members for representing our team professionally.

RSES 2019 Conference was not just about refrigeration, but also about all HVAC techs from heating, air conditioning, ventilation and more. Education courses and sessions were plentiful and included helpful insight into tech safety and career longevity. These sessions included:

Surge Protection 101

Surge Protection 101 was about black outs and how surge protection effects different domestic machinery like washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners. This session went over industry best practices and how to manage voltage to avoid any issues or dangers to the consumer.

Mobile Applications 101

This RSES 2019 session was about all the new mobile apps and online resources that can be used in the field to help find solutions to common problems. New diagnostic software is available via tablet, phone, and computer and can be accessed wirelessly using industry-rated tools and diagnostic equipment.

Supermarket Refrigeration

Some of the largest of our industry, supermarket refrigerators have expanded capacity and improved efficiency. This session went over new market innovations, as well as technology that will be debuting throughout the next decade. Service contacts are valuable for any company in our industry, and our technicians must be knowledgeable and helpful for supermarket chains to keep their businesses running smoothly and operating without pause.